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Before getting your tattoo please make sure you read and understand the following:

  1. Get hydrated.  As much as possible.
  2. Lotion the area getting tattooed twice a day.
  3. Get a good night sleep before tattoo day.
  5. Bring drinks, snacks (sugar can help if you get dizzy)  I also have drinks and chocolates for sale at the studio.
  6. Avoid alcohol at least 2 days before getting your tattoo.
  7. Don’t take pain killers, these can thin your blood and make it difficult to tattoo.
  8. Dress comfortably,keeping in mind the area that will be tattooed.

Think before you ink!!!

Remember a tattoo is forever. 

Be original:  Don’t just take a pic of someone else’s tattoo from facebook or the internet or instagram or pintrest.  If you see something you like send me the pics and will design something that is original and your tattoo, not someone else’s. Educate yourself about different styles of tattoos.

Don’t let others influence your decision:  This is your tattoo, your skin, you will have to look at this tattoo for the rest of your life and be happy with it, not your sister, best friend or partner.

Never tattoo a boyfriend/girlfriend’s name on yourself…….  I’ve even had a few married couples who have done this only to cover or remove it later.  This is NEVER a good idea. 

Save up for your tattoo.  Cheap tattoos are not good and good tattoos are not cheap.  In my experience clients who have shopped around for the cheapest usually end up paying for the same tattoo again in order to cover up bad workmanship.

Trust your artist: Remember the artist has been doing this for years.  They know what will look good in 10 years time and what will not.

Sit still:  This will result in your artist being able to do good work and it will help your artist work at a good pace, which influences the price of your tattoo.

Bringing your children with you on tattoo day may not be the best idea.  The studio is a sterile environment where needles will be used.  It’s also cleaned with chemicals.  The biggest reason to not bring children to the studio is that you want a good tattoo and children will be a distraction for your artist.

I do not do white tattoos.  These are a waste of time and money.  They never heal well.  They are very pretty in instagram when they are just done and the redness of the skin contrasts against the white ink but trust me this will not be long lived.

The bottom of your hands and feet are not good placements for tattoos.  The skin is very different on these places and the ink will not hold in this skin.

Fingers are also not a good idea.  Unless you want to come and visit me (and pay me) every 8-12 months to touch up a finger tattoo I suggest you don’t do it.