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Permanent Makeup


  1. When your tattoo is finished, I will cover the area with either wrapping or plaster.  This must be kept intact for at least 3 hours, you can however keep it on for up to 12 hours but not less than 3 hours.
  2. When taking the wrapping off be sure you wash your hands.  ALWAYS wash your hands before touching your new tattoo. Make use of fragrance free anti-bacterial soap.  Gently wash off any residue, ink, blood, plasma that is still on the surface of the skin.
  3. Once washed PAT the skin dry with a CLEAN towel or paper towels.
  4. Remember that you are still susceptible to infection for 3 days after your tattoo has been done so keep it clean.
  5. After patting the area dry apply a small amount of ointment.  Do not paste the lotion on, the skin must just have a slight sheen once the ointment has been applied.  However do not let your tattoo dry out.  If during the day you see your tattoo is dry, reapply ointment.  You can use Bepanthen (which is available over the counter from any pharmacy) I also supply a range of aftercare products for sale at the studio.
  6. For at least two weeks you need to minimize the exposure to the sun.  Your new tattoo will burn when in contact with direct sunlight.  Keep it out of the sun for 2 weeks.
  7. Do not cover your tattoo again after taking off the initial plaster or wrapping.
  8. After a few days your tattoo will form a scab (which should be a soft moist scab) and it will itch.  DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo.  This will damage the end result.
  9. Do not use Vaseline or Zambuk on your new tattoo.  These products clogs the pores and may lead to infection.
  10. Try not to sleep on your tattoo in the beginning.  This will avoid bedding getting stuck to your tattoo.  If this happens do not rip the material off. 
  11. Avoid wearing tight clothing that will rub or irritate your tattoo.
  12. Avoid soaking your new tattoo.  This means swimming and jacquizies.  Showers are fine if you don’t spend an hour in the shower.